Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullpersonalized, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



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This heartnecklace heartis heartmade heartwith heartone heartcircle hearttag. heartIt heartis heartan heartaluminum heartdisc heartand heartis heart1 heart1/2" heartin heartdiameter. heartIt heartis hearthand heartstamped heartone heartletter heartat hearta hearttime heartby heartme. heart heartThis heartlisting heartis heartfor hearta heartnecklace heartwith heart5 heartstones/pearls. heartIf heartyou heartwould heartlike heartfewer heartor heartmore heartstones/pearls, heartyou heartcan heartsend heartme hearta heartconvo heartand heartI heartwill heartmake hearta heartreserved heartlisting heartfor heartyou. heartYou heartmay heartchoose heartbetween hearta heart16" heartor heart18" heartstainless heartsteel heartball heartchain heart(or heartadd heartan heartextra heartfee heartfor hearta heartlonger heartchain). heartUpon heartcheckout heartin heartthe heart"note heartto heartseller" heartbox, heartplease heartgive heartme heartthe heartfollowing heartinformation:1. heartWhich heartbirthstones heartyou heartwould heartlike heartaccording heartto heartmonths.Please heartask heartif heartyou hearthave heartany heartquestions. heartI heartwould heartbe hearthappy heartto hearthelp!If heartyou heartwant heartsomething heartlike heartthis, heartand heartI heartdon't hearthave heartone heartlisted, heartjust heartask. heartI heartwould heartlove heartto hearthelp heartmake heartwhat heartyou heartwant. heart:) heartYou heartcan heartalso heartjust heartemail heartfor hearta heartprice heartquote hearton heartwhat heartyou heartwould heartlike.Please heartNote:All heartpendants heartare heartpersonally heartmade heartby heartme. heartNo heartpendant heartis heartexactly heartthe heartsame. heartEach heartcreation heartis heartunique, heartso heartthere heartmay heartbe heartdifferences heartin heartletter heartplacement, heartdepth, heartand heartspacing. heartThis heartis heartnot hearta heartdefect. heartIt heartis heartwhat heartgives heartuniqueness heartand heartcharacter heartto hearteach heartpiece. heartI heartwill heartship heartthis heartout heartwithin heart2-7 heartdays heartof heartpayment. heartThanks heartfor heartlooking heartand hearthave hearta heartblessed heartday!

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