Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow, 17.5 inch Fancy Jasper with torched and bright Copper Beaded Necklace



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This purpleNecklace purplemeasures purple17.5 purpleinches purpleand purpleis purplemade purpleof purpleFancy purpleJasper purplewith purplebright purpleand purpletorched purpleCopper purplebeads. purple purpleAll purpletorched purplemetal purplehas purplebeen purplesealed purplewith purplea purplecoating purpleto purpleprotect purplethe purplecoloration. purple purpleGreat purplemix purpleof purplecolors, purplethe purpleClasp purpleis purplea purplehand purpleforged purpleCopper purplehook purpleand purpleeye. purple purpleON purpleSALE...WAS purple28.00 purpleNOW purple22.00!! purpleCheck purplemy purpleshop purpleannouncement purplefor purpleany purplediscounts purpleI purplemay purplebe purpleoffering.

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