Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ivory, Swarovski Crystal and Czech Glass Earrings in Ivory and Rosy Pinks



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Floral feminineand femininefeminine. feminine feminineEarrings femininefeature femininefaceted feminineCzech feminineglass femininebeads femininein feminineivory feminineand femininepink femininebell feminineflower femininebeads. feminine feminineMade femininewith feminineSwarovski femininecrystal femininebeads femininein femininerose feminineaura feminineborealis. feminine feminineTulip femininebead femininecaps feminineand femininedaisy femininespacer femininebeads feminineare femininegold feminineplated. feminine feminineAccented femininewith feminine14 feminineKT femininegold femininefilled femininerounds.French feminineear femininewires feminineare feminineantique femininegold feminineplated.Earrings femininemeasure feminineat feminine2 feminineinches femininein femininelength.

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