Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metal, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This flame paintedPendant flame paintedis flame paintedmade flame paintedof flame painted20 flame paintedgauge flame paintedBrass flame paintedthat flame paintedhas flame paintedbeen flame paintedhammered, flame paintedformed flame paintedthen flame paintedtorched, flame paintedalso flame paintedcalled flame paintedflame flame paintedpainting, flame paintedto flame paintedproduce flame paintedthe flame paintedbeautiful flame paintedrange flame paintedof flame paintedmetallic flame paintedcolors flame paintedsuch flame painteda flame painteds flame paintedReds, flame paintedBlues, flame paintedGreens, flame paintedOranges, flame paintedYellows, flame paintedEtc flame paintedthen flame paintedembellished flame paintedwith flame paintedtorched flame paintedCopper flame painted... flame painted. flame paintedThe flame paintedtotal flame paintedlength flame paintedis flame paintedapproimately flame painted2.5 flame paintedinches flame paintedand flame painted flame painted1 flame paintedinch flame paintedwide. flame painted flame paintedIt flame paintedhas flame paintedbeen flame paintedfinished flame paintedoff flame paintedwith flame paintedCopper flame paintedBail flame paintedand flame paintedhas flame paintedbeen flame paintedsealed flame paintedto flame paintedprotect flame paintedthe flame paintedcoloring. flame paintedPictures flame paintedare flame paintedof flame paintedthe flame paintedactual flame paintedPendant flame paintedyou flame paintedwill flame paintedreceive.Be flame paintedsure flame paintedto flame paintedcheck flame paintedmy flame paintedshop flame paintedannouncement flame paintedfor flame paintedany flame painteddiscounts flame paintedi flame paintedmay flame paintedbe flame paintedoffering!

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