Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This purplePendant purpleis purplemade purpleof purple24 purplegauge purpleCopper purplethat purplehas purplebeen purplehammered, purpleformed purplethen purpletorched, purplealso purplecalled purpleflame purplepainting, purpleto purpleproduce purplethe purplebeautiful purplerange purpleof purplemetallic purplecolors purplesuch purplea purples purpleReds, purpleBlues, purpleGreens, purpleOranges, purpleYellows, purpleEtc purplethen purpleembellished purplewith purpletorched purpleBrass purplerounds purple... purple. purpleThe purpletotal purplelength purpleis purpleapproimately purple2.75 purpleinches purpleand purple purple1.5 purpleinch purplewide. purple purpleIt purplehas purplebeen purplefinished purpleoff purplewith purpleCopper purpleBail purpleand purplehas purplebeen purplesealed purpleto purpleprotect purplethe purplecoloring. purplePictures purpleare purpleof purplethe purpleactual purplePendant purpleyou purplewill purplereceive.Be purplesure purpleto purplecheck purplemy purpleshop purpleannouncement purplefor purpleany purplediscounts purplei purplemay purplebe purpleoffering!

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