Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, Green contemporary cube studs



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These squaresare squaresa squarespair squaresof squarescontemporary squaressilver squarescolored squarescopper squaressquare squaresbox squaresstuds. squaresFor squaresthis squaresreason squaresthere squaresis squaresa squaresslight squarescopper squaresundertone. squaresThe squaresinterior squarescolor squaresis squaresa squareslime squaresgreen. squaresPlease squaresnote squaresthat squaresall squarespieces squaresare squaresunique. squaresThese squaressquares squaresare squareshalf squaresan squaresinch squaresin squaresdiameter squaresand squaresattached squaresto squaressterling squaressilver squarespost. squaresFeel squaresfree squaresto squarescontact squaresme squareswith squaresany squaresquestions. squaresThanks squaresfor squaresvisiting!

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