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sister necklaces, Big and Little Sister Necklaces



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This sister necklacesis sister necklacesa sister necklacesset sister necklacesof sister necklacestwo sister necklacesnecklaces sister necklacesfor sister necklacessisters. sister necklaces sister necklacesThese sister necklacesnecklaces sister necklaceswere sister necklaceshand sister necklacesstamped sister necklaceson sister necklacesaluminum sister necklacesblanks, sister necklacesthen sister necklacesput sister necklacesonto sister necklacesa sister necklaceschain sister necklaceswith sister necklacesa sister necklacescharm sister necklacesfor sister necklacesthe sister necklacesperfect sister necklacesdetail!Each sister necklacesnecklace sister necklacesis sister necklacesroughly sister necklaces9.5 sister necklacesinches sister necklaceslong.

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