Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

dichroic glass, Konfetti heart necklace



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This venice beachspecial venice beachkonfetti venice beachnecklace venice beachfeatures venice beachthree venice beachdichroic venice beachhearts venice beachon venice beacha venice beachsterling venice beachsilver venice beachchain. venice beach venice beachThe venice beachnecklace venice beachis venice beach16" venice beachlong. venice beach venice beachCan venice beachbe venice beachmade venice beach18" venice beachby venice beachspecial venice beachrequest. venice beach venice beachThis venice beachis venice beacha venice beachlimited venice beachedition. venice beach venice beachA venice beachperfect venice beachgift venice beachfor venice beachthat venice beachspecial venice beachsomeone.

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