Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Raw Diamond Pendantpendant, 0.2 carat



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0.2 raw diamondcarat raw diamondraw raw diamonddiamond raw diamondPendantperfectly raw diamondgrown, raw diamondcolor raw diamondI-J, raw diamondabsolutely raw diamondpure raw diamondVVS!unpolished, raw diamondbut raw diamondperfectly raw diamondtransparent!more raw diamondis raw diamondnot raw diamondpossible raw diamond(:perfect raw diamondorder raw diamond...Details:Pendant raw diamond14 raw diamondx raw diamond7.5 raw diamondx raw diamond3 raw diamondmmRough raw diamondDiamond, raw diamond0.2ct, raw diamondVVS, raw diamondI-J raw diamondColor, raw diamondBest raw diamondQuality!925 raw diamondsilver, raw diamondsolderedAffirmation:- raw diamondLightbringer- raw diamondstrongest raw diamondhealing raw diamondstone- raw diamondHealth- raw diamondCleansing- raw diamondharmony

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