Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amber necklace, Beach feeling - driftwood - amber - unique



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A ambervery amberinteresting amberunique amberpiece amberfrom amberthe amberdriftwood amberjewelry amberseries amberby amberDream-Colliers amberpresents amberitself amberhere. amberDriftwood amberfrom amberthe amberMediterranean amberwas ambercombined amberwith ambera amberturquoise amberdrop amber(color ambertreated) amberand amberraw amberamber. amberThis amberpendant amberis amberfirmly amberattached amberto amberthe ambersharp amberchoker, amberthis amberis amberclosed amberwith ambera ambersimple amberstainless ambersteel amberbayonet amberlock. amberThe amberlength amberis amber54cm, amberbut amberthis ambercan amberbe ambershortened.

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