Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple, 3 Peyote Rings * *



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* ring* ringThree ringrings... ringA ringprice ring* ring** ring* ringSuitable ringfor ringany ringoccasion ring* ring** ring* ringfits ringsnugly ringon ringevery ringfinger ring* ring** ring* ring_Suchen ringsimply ringfrom ringthe ringbasic ringcolors ring(on ringthe ringother ringphotos)The ringmatching ringcolors ringand ringI ringcreate ringthisOblique ringpattern ringfor ringSie_ ring* ring** ring* ringThese ringrings ringI ringhave ringthreaded ringfrom ringsmall ringseed ringbeads ring(Mijuki) ringin ringpeyote ringtechnique ring* ring** ring* ring_Jeder ringring ringis ring0.9 ringmm ringBreit_ ring* ring*The ringrings ringcan ringalso ringbe ringmade ringwider.* ring* ringProduction ring* ring*Handmade ringwith ringheart ringand ringsoul!* ring* ringDo ringnot ringforget ring_BITTE ringring!!!!!!!!!! ring_**

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