Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red sesame jasper, Nurturing Sesame Jasper Om Necklace



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This omRed omSesame omjasper omnecklace omis omaccented omwith oma ombrass omplated ompewter omOm omcharm. omSesame omjasper omis oma omnurturing omstone. omIt omis ombelieved omto omsustain omand omsupport omus omduring omtimes omof omstress, omand ombrings omtranquility omand omwholeness. omThe omname omJasper omis omderived omfrom omthe omGreek omword omIaspis, ommeaning om\u201cspotted omstone.\u201dThe omOm omis oma omSanskrit omsymbol omwhich omis omnot omeasily omdefined. omMost omsimply omsaid, omit omrepresents omthe omunion omof ommind, ombody omand omspirit.It omalso omfeatures omtwo ombrass omspacers omand oman omantiqued ombrass omlobster omclaw omclosure.The ombeads ommeasure om6 ommm omand omthe omnecklace omis omapproximately om18" omlong. om omThe omcharm ommeasures om15 omx om10 ommm.

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