Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver tone, Necklace set of 3 silver tone chain with crystal Rhinestone Vintage C'1980's



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This silver toneset silver toneof silver tone3 silver tonepretty silver tonenecklaces silver tonewith silver tonesilver silver tonetone silver tonechain silver toneand silver tonea silver tonesingle silver tonecrystal silver tonerhinestone silver tonependant.The silver tonechain silver toneis silver toneapprox silver tone16 silver tone"They silver toneare silver tonequite silver tonea silver tonebargain silver toneand silver toneare silver toneideal silver tonefor silver toneparty silver tonefavours silver toneor silver toneeven silver toneresale. silver toneThey silver tonewould silver tonebe silver tonea silver tonepretty silver toneaddition silver toneto silver toneany silver toneladies silver tonejewellery silver tonebox.They silver tonewere silver tonepart silver toneof silver tonea silver tonelarge silver tonelot silver toneof silver tonejewellery silver toneand silver tonejewellery silver tonecomponents silver tonethat silver toneI silver tonepurchased silver tonesome silver toneyears silver toneago silver toneand silver tonehad silver tonebeenin silver tonestorage silver tonesince silver tonethe silver tone1980'. silver toneDespite silver tonetheir silver toneage silver toneand silver tonebeing silver tonein silver tonestorage silver tonethey silver toneare silver tonein silver toneexcellent silver tonevintage silver tonecondition.As silver toneis silver toneoften silver tonethe silver tonecase silver tonewith silver tonemy silver tonevintage silver toneitems silver tonestock silver toneis silver tonevery silver tonelimited.

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