Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower shape, Large Vintage Gold tone Clip on statement Earrings C 1980's Signed



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Gorgeous signedLarge signedVintage signedFlower signedshaped signedClip signedon signed signedearrings signedsigned signedMode signedThese signedstunning signedearrings signedhave signedtimeless signedclassic signedelegance signedand signedwere signedmade signedin signedapprox1980's. signedThey signedare signedmade signedfrom signedgold signedtone signedmetal signedand signedare signedquite signedchunky signeda signedstatement signedpiece signedin signeda signedflower signedshape.They signedare signedsigned signedand signedalthough signedits signedhard signedread signedI signedthink signedthey signedare signedmarked signedOronia signedParis.They signedmeasure signedapprox signed40mm signedin signeddiameter signedand signedare signedpreloved.Please signedvisit signedmy signedEtsy signedstore signedto signedsee signedmy signedother signedpretty signedand signedvintage signedlistingswww./your/shops/Prettyvintagebeads

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