Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Necklacenecklace, lava bamboo coralnecklace, sterling silver claspsnecklace, giftnecklace, jewelry for women



In stock



handmade jewelrynecklace jewelrymade jewelryof jewelryreal jewelrylava jewelryfrom jewelryIndonesiaand jewelrycubes jewelrymade jewelryof jewelrybamboo jewelrycoralincorporated jewelrywith jewelrysilver jewelryflowers jewelryas jewelryintermediate jewelrypartsSilver jewelryparts jewelryand jewelrycarabiar jewelryclasp jewelryis jewelrymade jewelryof jewelrysterling jewelrysilverStamp jewelry925Length: jewelry45 jewelrycmLava: jewelry1.4 jewelrycm jewelryballs jewelry, jewelrygood jewelryqualityBamboo jewelrycoral: jewelry8 jewelryx jewelry8 jewelrymm jewelrycube, jewelrypolishedSKU jewelry: jewelryLA jewelry- jewelry526you jewelrycan jewelryorder jewelrythe jewelryright jewelrybracelet jewelryfrom jewelryusLA jewelry- jewelry326

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